Continuing legacies bring Tile Wall of Honor to life

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THE TILE WALL of Honor at Crestmont College.

Three hundred engraved tiles make up the Western Territory’s Tile Wall of Honor, located by the chapel at Crestmont College in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. Memories and celebrations of officers, soldiers, families and others who have served the Army are reflected here, flanked by flowers and stained glass windows. Last fall New Frontier profiled some legacies that are permanently captured on this wall, and the stories continue.

Major Pat Jolley recalls her parents, Sydney and Effie Jolley, soldiers of the Long Beach, Calif. corps. “They married in 1937 and were faithful members of the corps until they were Promoted to Glory in 1970 and 1993,” Jolley says. “They were wonderful examples of Salvationism. Their faithfulness and the way they modeled what the Army means and can do helped me recognize my call to officership.”

To Major Charleen Bradley, it is significant that a tile in honor of her husband, Major James Bradley, is on this wall. “Jim served on the training staff for eight years and then for three years as territorial youth secretary. He poured his heart and soul into the training of cadets as well as inspiring young men and women to dedicate their lives to officership,” Bradley recalls.

Residents and visitors to the campus pause at the wall to locate special tiles and remember those honored. Cadets Korina and Luis Acosta, who will be commissioned in June 2005, say Majors Zoilo and Magali Pardo were a tremendous influence in their lives. “They are now the training school principals in Mexico, but they were the corps officers who sent us to training school from El Paso Temple,” says Korina. “They saw the potential and the call to serve the Lord that was in our hearts, and they gave us endless hours of prayer, guidance and love. The tile is truly an “honor” for me to see and walk by.”

Cadet Rachel Johnson says the tile from Santa Clara Citadel always reminds her of the Christ-like love she felt in the corps. “As I pass those three tiles every day, I am reminded that they are still right there beside me,” she says.

Friends of the Army are also lovingly remembered on the wall. One of the very first tiles honors Dr. John C. Weaver, retired president of the University of Wisconsin system and a member of Crestmont’s Board of Advisors. A distinguished academician, Weaver served the college and its cadets faithfully until his death in 1994, when he was succeeded on the Board by his wife Ruberta.

Major George Baker, remembered by Major Don Hostetler, was “a consummate pastor to soldiers, cadets, and fellow officers, with a wonderful ministry of collecting articles about Salvationists from various publications and sharing them to encourage and affirm.” Baker is survived by three children in Christian ministry, two as Salvation Army officers. His grandson, Cadet Matt Madsen, will be commissioned in June 2005.

Still to come are more tiles and more stories, including a Salvationist family that has used this wall to honor its members and will shortly be adding a tile in memory of its beloved 103-year-old matriarch.

The Tile Wall of Honor is a celebration of life, service, and legacies. For information about ordering a tile, call
(310) 265-6140 or visit

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