Congress Happenings

Victory Congress 1997 will give Chinese Salvation Army soldiers from different divisions and regions a rare chance of getting together.

Victory Congress 1997 will have many exciting and spirit uplifting events and activities.

WHAT A SIGHT!- Thousands of handsome looking uniformed Salvationists walking on the streets and rejoicing in the meetings. I am there!

WHAT A SOUND! – hearing others using my mother tongue!

WHAT A JOY! – The number of Chinese Salvationists has increased tremendously since the last Congress four years ago. I am proud!

WHAT A MOMENT! – When all Chinese Salvationists gather for a Prayer Breakfast on Sunday morning and listen to Lt. Colonel Check Yee (R) who’s coming back from China just for our Victory Congress!

Come and sign up today if you haven’t done so already. Come and be prepared for a GREAT VICTORY weekend of Congress on June 6-8, 1997.

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