Concord enrolls Internet soldiers


Good news! God is at work on the world wide web!

Del Oro Division’s Concord, CA Corps has over the past year enrolled three new “Internet” soldiers … Yes, Internet!

The first was a former officer who as a young captain resigned his commission some 30 years ago. He still had a love for the Lord and the Army, though, and while surfing the web found Concord Corps’ page and made contact with the webmaster!

Now Patrick Flanigan has been re-enrolled as a soldier, is fully uniformed, and is playing in the band!

The next Internet seeker was a musician, a cornet player who wanted to play in a “British” style brass band. An informed person told him that The Salvation Army had such as group. The interested musician, Jeff Markee, also found Concord’s web page and made contact with the bandmaster–who had been praying for a cornet player!

Jeff came to several band rehearsals where he enjoyed the fellowship and the warm welcome he received. The bandmaster enjoyed the competent addition to his solo cornet section. One Sunday Jeff came to the meeting with his wife Eryn. She, too, enjoyed the worship service; in fact they both agreed it was the friendliest church experience they had ever had!

They continued to attend and the corps sergeant major spoke to them about becoming adherents. On Easter 2001 they were admitted to the adherents’ roll. Eryn admitted to being a brass player and she now plays alto horn in the band!

Some weeks later, in response to a general invitation to soldier preparation classes, both Jeff and Eryn decided to attend.

Recently, they were sworn in as the latest soldiers of Concord Corps.

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