Concord band to visit Costa Rica

by Ernie Young – 

Under the direction of their bandmaster, Jim Black, the 38 members of the Concord Corps’ band are slated to visit the Latin America North Territory December 13 and 14.

The band will be participating in that territory’s Commissioning of cadets in San José, the capital city of Costa Rica and will be supporting the Chief of the Staff, Commissioner Israel Gaither, as he leads special meetings.

Being fully aware of the difficulties under which that territory serves, the band, not wishing to burden their Costa Rican comrades, has undertaken to bear the entire financial responsibility of their mission.

The band members are excited about this international venture and are rehearsing a spectrum of music including a number of pieces with a “Latin” beat!

A special feature will be the band’s participation in San Jose’s “Festival of Lights” parade to celebrate Christ-mas. The territory has formed a timbrel display team whose members will march with the band as part of The Salvation Army’s contingent in the parade!

Concord’s corps officers, Majors Clayton and Pamela Gardner will accompany the band on this “missionary” trip!

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