Commissioning plans underway

Prepare now for a pilgrimage to the 2005 Commissioning Week-end, June 10-11. This weekend of worship and celebration is a spiritual time for the whole territory to meet together and share in ministry.

“Every Salvationist is called to walk the path towards our eternal victory with the Lord. Along the way we seek a deeper understanding of our faith, grow closer to our fellow believers, and have opportunities to experience the church, which is larger than we can imagine,” said Martin Hunt, assistant to the secretary for Program.

“As you walk on your spiritual journey there are many opportunities to go to meetings and events that can be a source of strength and encouragement, and can deepen your commitment to our church.”

The weekend gives an opportunity to renew friendships, support new officers as they begin their leadership, and spend time learning from one another’s experiences.

This year’s events will include a special emphasis on training youth with a Kid’s Creative Arts Program, along with a Territorial Bible Bowl Competition. All events will be held at Crestmont College and the First Church of The Nazarene, Pasadena.

Commissioning 2005 will also be the first opportunity since their welcome meeting, for Salvationists and officers to join together under the ministry of our territorial leaders Commissioner Philip and Pat Swyers.
More details will be available in upcoming editions of New Frontier.

Plan your pilgrimage to this spiritual weekend!

Cathedral City ‘builds for eternity’

Cathedral City ‘builds for eternity’

by Suzi Woodruff Lacey –  <> (L to R) Commissioner Philip Swyers,

Salvation Army a top ‘enduring institution’

Salvation Army a top ‘enduring institution’

The Salvation Army, according to American academics, is one of the world’s 10

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