COMMISSIONING – Annual Silver Star banquet honors parents

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by Karen Gleason – 

Lt. Colonel Carolyn Peacock led the Parents’ Banquet, where cadets of the Believers Session honored their parents or spiritual mentors with the ceremonial presentation of Silver Star pins.

Cadet Rachel Ray, herself a new parent, gave a tribute to parents, acknowledging the single parents for working twice as hard and the two-parent households for their teamwork. She thanked them for “living lives that inspired us to give our lives to ministry.”

In her address, Commissioner Linda Bond took a fresh look at Matthew 20:20-23, the story of the mother of the sons of Zebedee who asks that her sons sit at the right and left of Jesus. Bond asked listeners to focus on the positive characteristics of this parent, who: recognized the long-term authority of Jesus and his Kingdom; affirmed her sons’ calling; had confidence in her sons’ abilities to accomplish great things for God; desired the best for her sons; learned that upward mobility in Christian leadership begins and ends with servanthood.

Bond explored each of these points, commenting that “The Salvation Army needs to continue to affirm these people that are called to officership—the mixed bags of strengths and weaknesses that by the Holy Spirit can do great things for God.” Bond, who is also territorial president of women’s organizations, presented the Silver Stars with the support of Secretary of the Fellowship of the Silver Star Major Diana Jones. Also assisting were Peacock, Major Charleen Bradley and Captain Brenda Mikesell.

Relatives from as far away as Korea and Guam were inducted into the Fellowship of the Silver Star.

The cadet chorus, led by Martin Hunt, sang “Jesus is Coming Again.” Major Kathy Wood provided the piano accompaniment during the Silver Star presentations.

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