Bible Bowl and seminars

by Cari Arias –

With participation from all 10 divisions, the Territorial Bible Bowl Competition will be held during Commissioning weekend. Beginning Thursday evening, June 10, with the final round on Saturday afternoon, June 12, it will undoubtedly be an exciting three-day event.

This year’s preliminary rounds will take a new format, allowing only two-way games instead of three-way games. This new format should allow greater playing opportunities for teams, with the weekend starting with eight games taking place at a time.

Teens from around the territory have been studying 1 and 2 Corinthians, hiding God’s Word in their hearts. They are preparing for a heavy-duty competition in June, but even more than that, they are preparing their lives for the future, walking in the Word.

Territorial Youth Secretary Major Ivan Wild said, “I am very excited for Bible Bowl this year. Every year the enthusiasm for studying God’s word increases. I love watching the excitement in the young people as they prepare for each game. Yes, it is competitive, but when you memorize Scripture it stays with you for a lifetime.”

ACTIVATE…your faith, witness and soldiership—a series of personal growth and leadership seminars

On Saturday, June 12 at the Sheraton Hotel, the following seminars are available for anyone to attend. The seminars will be two hours in length, with a break in the middle for fellowship and refreshment. The classes offered are:
• Our heritage—Understanding Salvation Army history and our diverse ministries.
• Lifestyle evangelism—Learn tools to facilitate the Great Commission—live a life reflective of his life!
• Prayer passion—The essence of everything is prayer! Capture the 24/7prayer vision, and learn how to promote the heartbeat of our corps.
• Spiritual gifts—Understand the source, function and role of spiritual gifts.
• Practical leadership—Develop skills for the edification, equipping and contributing to corporate worship.
• Local officers’ training (Spanish)—The how, why, what and where of local officership.
• Local officers’ training (English)—The how, why, what and where of local officership.
• Family matters—Learn how to talk to your unsaved family members about Christ, and how to pray for them.

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