College for Officer Training Honors Marymount Nun

‘OTHERS’–Commissioner David Edwards presents the ‘Others’ award to Sister Gregory Naddy as Training Principal Major Doug O’Brien looks on.

by Cadet Beau Perez – 

A mystery of profound proportions was solved recently at the College for Officer Training. Under the leadership of Captains Clem and Mooi Leslie, the cadets and staff of the College hosted “Peril on the Pacific”–a fast-moving nautical whodunit–to raise funds for World Services.

Special recognition was given by Commissioner David Edwards to Sister Gregory Naddy of Marymount College on Friday evening. With the British Consul and the National Chief Secretary Colonel John Bate in attendance, Edwards presented Sister Gregory with the “Others” award.

Sister Gregory was recognized for her lifetime of service to her fellow man, a significant portion of which was spent at what is now the Army’s Crestmont campus.

As showtime for “Peril on the Pacific” drew closer, excitement rose as it looked as if the show would meet its World Services fund raising target. In fact, both Saturday performances were sold out in advance.

The Commissioner’s Reception on Friday evening brought in a record crowd of 229 guests. The financial target was set at $20,000, which was $3,000 more than last year. On Saturday evening, after the last show had concluded, Captain Clem Leslie announced that “Peril on the Pacific” brought in a record $22,533.

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