CONCERTINA WANTED–30 or more button concertina. Very good condition; prefer older mode English or Anglo style; can spend up to $300; Salvation Army project. E-mail: Call (303) 751-1900 or (303) 286-7736.

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATOR WANTED–Successful candidate will be responsible for the successful functioning of The Salvation Army’s Lane County operations. Responsibilities include supervision of Lane County administration offices, service units, family services, thrift stores, human resources, property, finance, fundraising, disaster services, seasonal activities, and function as advisory board liaison.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from accredited institution. Actual work experience may be considered in lieu of or in conjunction with formal education. Must have knowledge of S.A. Mission Statement, and will uphold the Army’s standards and policies.

Please send résumé before June 1, 1997, to: Captain Donald Takeuchi, The Salvation Army, P.O. Box 8798, Portland OR 97208. Call (541) 343-3328 for information.

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