Childcare to be offered during commissioning

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by Marcela Tippol – 

Childcare during commissioning will be full of fun and surprises for the youth! This year we will have a praise meeting for children ages 5 through 11-years-old, conducted by Donnie Rasmussen. Donnie is a worship leader, speaker, composer and a Salvationist for more than 20 years. “Mr. Donnie” has a child-oriented music ministry in which he teaches children the proven truths of the Gospel. There will be music, snacks and a lot of fun!

Childcare will be available for the commissioning and ordination services and the appointment service, with children separated into age-appropriate groups. Childcare is available to infants and children up to age 11.

Childcare will commence thirty minutes prior to each meeting and children will need to be picked up no later than thirty minutes following the meetings. It is important that you fill out and return the childcare registration, with payment, to THQ as soon as possible (this form is attached to the commissioning brochure, forms are available in English and Spanish).

The cost will be five dollars per meeting for one child. If you have more than one child the cost per child is three dollars per meeting. There will not be any childcare registration on the day of the event so please make sure you register your children ahead of time.

Meet the Cadets

Meet the Cadets

Of the preparers of the Way Session Laura Fenton Children name(s): Sean, Meaghan

Rasmussen brings praise and music during childcare

Rasmussen brings praise and music during childcare

With more than 20 years in music and children’s ministry, Donnie Rasmussen of

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