Cheyenne’s “Weekend of Passion”

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Easter weekend events include building renovations and soldier enrollments.

Major William Raihl enrolls senior soldiers (l-r) Tom Coles, Sue Laday, Shirley Coles and Peggy Teers. [Photo by Jeanne Baker]
The Salvation Army in Cheyenne, Wyoming, celebrated a weekend of passion this Easter—welcoming new soldiers and dedicating its renovated kitchen and a new classroom. The guiding light for all the activities was Jesus and his passion—his death for the sins of the world and his resurrection.

Special guests were Major William Raihl, territorial property secretary; Major Harryette Raihl, world missions/overseas sponsorship director; Major George Baker, Intermountain divisional secretary; Major Jeanne Baker, divisional women’s ministries secretary; Captain Raymond Erickson-King, divisional youth secretary; Erik Dabis, divisional music director; Marie Dabis, evangelism and adult programs director; Michelle Marquez, divisional Christian education director. Cheyenne corps officers are Captains Dave and Regina Shull.

For many years, The Salvation Army in Cheyenne has hosted a free lunch program—the only program of its kind in the city—that is totally dependent on donations. The corps has made do with a small kitchen and substandard ovens—until Easter weekend! For three years the corps partnered with the community of Cheyenne to raise the money to renovate the kitchen as well as to provide the corps with an additional classroom. The renovated kitchen and new classroom were dedicated on Easter weekend.

During the dedication Major William Raihl reminded the full house: “The Salvation Army has built this house on the rock of Christ and his sacrifice for us.” The renovation was possible only because of the support of the community of Cheyenne and the efforts of the Cheyenne Advisory Board—especially those of Rande Pouppirt, who donated all of the architectural work needed, helped with grants, city codes, and general construction. The Salvation Army’s passion to help those in need and to “Do the Most Good” in Cheyenne was evident for all to see.

The “Celebration of Passion” culminated on Easter Sunday. After a sunrise service and corps breakfast—for the first time using the new kitchen—the Holiness Meeting included the enrollment of three junior soldiers and four senior soldiers. New Junior Soldier Lazarus Gilbert exclaimed during his enrollment, “This is the greatest blessing I have ever had!” His heartfelt words touched many people in attendance and called all senior soldiers to re-examine their passion for being a soldier of The Salvation Army.
Submitted by Captain Dave Shull

Cheyenne’s “Weekend of Passion”

Cheyenne’s “Weekend of Passion”

Easter weekend events include building renovations and soldier enrollments

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