Changes of Appointment 2016

On behalf of the Western Territorial Commander, we are very pleased to announce the following appointments effective June 29, 2016 unless otherwise stated.


  • Major Sandra Dossey Assistant to the THQ Chaplain *


  • Major Sandra Dossey Assistant to the Territorial Retired Officers’ Secretary, and Assistant to the Pastoral Care Officer*
  • Major Clem Leslie** Territorial Officer Leadership Development Secretary*


  • Major Michael Dossey Territorial Risk Management Secretary


  • Major Evangeline Leslie** Assistant Program Secretary for Corps Ministries
  • Major Clem Leslie** Territorial Spiritual Life Development Secretary
  • Major Kyle Trimmer Territorial Men’s Fellowship Secretary and Chaplain – SAVN.TV *
  • Major Martha Trimmer Territorial Corps Mission Development Director


  • Major Tony Markiewicz Secretary for Business
  • Major Jessica Markiewicz Public Relations Secretary
  • Majors Robert & Sandra Deidrick Chaplains – Sacramento ARC
  • Majors Henry & Bernadine Graciani Administrators – San Diego ARC
  • Majors Darren & LeAnn Trimmer Administrators – Pasadena ARC
  • Major Ray Yant Administrator – Seattle ARC
  • Captain Roberta McKinney Director of Special Services and Program Director* – Honolulu ARC
  • Captain Timothy Rockey Administrator – Oakland ARC
  • Captain Judith Rockey Director of Special Services – Oakland ARC
  • Captain Jonathan Russell Administrator – Honolulu ARC
  • Lieutenants Jeremy & Violet Aird Chaplains – Portland ARC
  • Lieutenants Joseph & Joni Alvarez Administrators – Stockton ARC
  • Lieutenant Richard Mabie Administrator – Lytton ARC
  • Lieutenant Edith Dye-Mabie Director of Special Services – Lytton ARC
  • Lieutenant Ray McGonigle Administrator – Bakersfield ARC
  • Lieutenant Leona McGonigle Director of Special Services – Bakersfield ARC
  • Lieutenant Darrell Williamson Chaplain – Denver ARC
  • Lieutenants Victor & Regina Verdugo Administrators –San Bernardino ARC
  • Mr. Henry Filoteo Business Administrator – Riverside County ARC
  • Mr. Timothy Tomasso Business Administrator – Sacramento ARC



  • Majors John & Pamilla Brackenbury Directors of Personnel
  • Captain Rebeca Sibaja Family Care Officer


  • Captain William Francis Senior Instructor
  • Captain David (Kwan Geun) Oh Curriculum Officer


  • Lieutenant Celeste Morefield Field Training Officer


  • Captain Cristian Sibaja Home Officer


  • Captain Ellen (Meeae) Oh Campus Services Officer


  • Majors David & Lola Davis Corps Officers –Kodiak Corps
  • Majors Scott & Barbara Schneider Corps Officers –Anchorage Corps


  • Captain Robert Steiner Divisional Secretary
  • Captain Jill A. Steiner Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretary and Retired Officers’ Representative*
  • Major Hendrik Sumter Divisional EDS and Men’s Fellowship Secretary*
  • Major Eugenia R. Sumter Divisional Community Care Ministries Secretary, Older Adult Ministries Secretary*, VAVS Representative* and Order of the Silver Star*
  • Majors Thomas & Crystal Morrow Pro-Tem – DHQ
  • Majors David & Deanna Sholin Pro-Tem – Chaplains –Camp Kuratli
  • Major John Tumey Corps Officer –Eugene Citadel Corps and Lane County Coordinator*
  • Major Sabrina Tumey Corps Officer – Eugene Citadel Corps
  • Major Jason Koenig Additional Responsibilities: Jackson County Coordinator *
  • Captains Michael & Nancy Halverson Corps Officers –Nampa Corps
  • Captains Robyn & Stephanie M. Bridgeo Corps Officers –Caldwell Corps
  • Captain Brent & Lieutenant Kristy Church Corps Officers –Roseburg Corps
  • Captains Michael & Rachel Johnson Corps Officers –Bend Corps
  • Captains Matthew & Dianne Madsen Corps Officers –Gresham Corps
  • Captain Dan Williams Administrator –Salem Ray & Joan Kroc Center and Marion & Polk County Coordinator *
  • Captain Kimberly Williams Administrator – Salem Ray & Joan Kroc Center
  • Captain Laura Wycoff Associate Corps Officer – Grants Pass Corps
  • Lieutenants Walter & Robin Kaptain Corps Officers –Springfield Corps
  • Lieutenants David & Mary Kyle Associate Corps Officers – Portland Tabernacle Corps
  • Lieutenant Carolina Lopez Assistant Corps Officer –Portland Moore Street Corps
  • Lieutenant Tami Moore In-Charge –Pocatello Service Unit
  • Envoy Cindy Crowell Divisional Program Specialist, Divisional Statistician and Chaplain –White Shield Center*
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dennis & Tawnya Stumpf In-Charge – Coos Bay Corps


  • Major James Sullivan Divisional Youth & Candidates’ Secretary
  • Major Laura Sullivan Divisional Youth Secretary
  • Captains Martin & Tory Ross Divisional Secretaries for Harvest Initiative and Sacramento Social Services Secretaries *
  • Majors James & Beverley Lloyd Alameda County Coordinators
  • Majors Mitham & Angela Clement Corps Officers –Petaluma Corps
  • Major Randy Hartt Corps Officer –Ray & Joan Kroc Corps and County Coordinator –Solano County*
  • Major Tracie Hartt Corps Officer –Ray & Joan Kroc Corps
  • Majors Mark & Michelle Thielenhaus Corps Officers –Lodi Corps
  • Majors Dan & Terrie Wilson ARP Administrators –Chico ARP
  • Captains Randall & Sheryl Clarke Corps Officers –Antioch Corps
  • Lieutenant Purnell & Captain Connie Hall Corps Officers –Oakland Garden Center Corps
  • Lieutenants Douglas & Betzy Hanson Corps Officers –Stockton Corps


  • Major Willdonna Rich Divisional Community Care Ministries Secretary Older Adult Ministries Secretary*, VAVS Representative* and Order of the Silver Star*
  • Major Susan Wun Corps Officer – San Francisco Chinatown Corps
  • Major Raymond and Captain Jennifer Erickson-King Corps Officers –San Francisco Ray & Joan Kroc Corps
  • Captains Ramon & Amalia Gonzalez Corps Officers –Watsonville Corps
  • Captains Dean & Hannah (Kil Ja) Lee Corps Officers – San Francisco All Nations Corps
  • Captains Michael E. & Kelley L. Lutcher Corps Officers – San Francisco South of Market Corps
  • Captains Patrick & Ke’olani Lyons Corps Officers –Salinas Corps
  • Lieutenant Kathleen Griffiths Associate Corps Officer –San Francisco Lighthouse Corps
  • Lieutenants Kalani & Jennie Onitsuka-Adams Corps Officers –Clovis Corps
  • Lieutenants Kevin & Heather Pope Corps Officers –Bakersfield Corps


  • Captains William T. & Elizabeth J. Welch Corps Officers –Kaneohe Corps
  • Captain Thomas Stambaugh Corps Officer –Guam Corps and Micronesia Coordinator *
  • Captain Kimberly Stambaugh Corps Officer –Guam Corps
  • Majors Steve & Hermas Pearl Corps Officers –Chuuk Corps and In-Charge –Wichap Outpost*
  • Lieutenants John & Angela Morrow Corps Officers – Kauluwela Mission Corps
  • Micronesia Captain Hittai Silk Social Service & Property Secretary –Republic of the Marshall Islands
  • Micronesia Captain Maryrose Silk Pastoral Care Officer –Republic of the Marshall Islands
  • Micronesia Captains Mioshi & Virginia Anwot Corps Officers –Rita Corps
  • Micronesia A/Captains Harrick & Daisey Reiher Corps Officers –Laura Corps
  • Mr. and Mrs. Rudy & Ella Jabuwe In-Charge –Ebeye Corps


  • Major Steven Bradley General Secretary and Denver Metro Coordinator*
  • Major Patricia Bradley Divisional Secretary for Program
  • Majors Clay & Pamela Gardner Corps Officers – Denver Centennial Corps
  • Majors Julio & Karen Vasquez Corps Officers – Denver Citadel Corps
  • Majors Joseph & Nila Huttenlocker Associate Corps Officers – Grand Junction Corps
  • Major Trish Simeroth Corps Officer –Billings Corps
  • Captains Jose & Marina Martinez Corps Officers –Pueblo Corps
  • Captain Donald A. & Lt. Kimberley Warriner Corps Officers –Ogden Corps
  • Captains Steve & Daylene Staneart Corps Officers –Grand Junction Corps
  • Captain Troy Trimmer Corps Officer –Salt Lake City Corps and Salt Lake Basin Coordinator*
  • Captain Anelene Trimmer Corps Officer –Salt Lake City Corps
  • Lieutenant Stacy Antonovich Program Coordinator – Lambuth Family Center
  • Lieutenants Matthew & Charleen Morrow Corps Officers –Sheridan Corps
  • Lieutenants Peter & Linda Oliver Corps Officers –Bozeman Corps
  • Lieutenants Clinton & Megan Trimmer Corps Officers –Cheyenne Corps
  • Envoys James & Rose Mertz In-Charge –Casper Corps
  • Envoy Andres Espinoza Ministry Leader –Salt Lake City Corps


  • Major Gary Kyle General Secretary
  • Captain Jonathan Harvey Divisional Secretary for Program
  • Captain Vickie Harvey Divisional Community Care Ministries Secretary, VAVS Representative*, and Older Adult Ministries Secretary*
  • Majors DeWayne & Toni Halstad Corps Officers – Mid-Columbia Tri-Cities Corps
  • Majors Ron & Barbara Wehnau Corps Officers – Port Angeles Corps
  • Majors Francisco & Irma Flores Latino Ministry Outreach Officers –Wenatchee Corps
  • Captains Anthony & Lisa Barnes Corps Officers – Seattle White Center Corps
  • Captain Laura Fenton Associate Corps Officer –Vancouver Corps
  • Lieutenant Marianne Brands Assistant Corps Officer – Great Falls Corps
  • Lieutenant Susan Cassin Assistant Corps Officer –Renton Corps
  • Lieutenants Darryck & Sierra Dwelle Corps Officers – Longview Temple Corps
  • Lieutenants Kenneth & Rebecca Kaurasi Corps Officers –Centralia Corps
  • Lieutenant Ivan Landeros Corps Officer – Yakima Temple Corps
  • Lieutenant Jesus Quintanilla Corps Officer – Pasco Temple Corps
  • Lieutenants Jeremy & Andrea Reedy Assistant Corps Officers –Tacoma Corps
  • Lieutenant Robbin Swales Associate Corps Officer –Ray & Joan Kroc Corps at Coeur D’Alene
  • Lieutenants Jonathan & Nichole Woollin Corps Officers –Bellingham Corps


  • Major Darren Norton General Secretary
  • Major Mary Norton Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretary
  • Major Frederick Wong Divisional Harvest Initiatives Officer and Program Associate*
  • Major Debora Wong Divisional Community Care Ministries Secretary, Older Adult Ministries Secretary*, VAVS Representative*, and Order of the Silver Star*
  • Majors Randy & Jonnette Mulch Corps Officers – San Diego Citadel Corps
  • Lieutenant Tracy Gonzales Assistant Corps Officer – Chula Vista Corps
  • Lieutenants Sean & Bonita Kelsey Corps Officers – El Cajon Corps
  • Lieutenant Cathie McCulley Integrated Mission Coordinator – San Bernardino Corps


  • Major Osei Stewart General Secretary
  • Major Doreen Freeman Divisional Secretary for Program
  • Major Lynn Stewart Divisional Women’s Ministries Secretary and Retired Officers’Representative*
  • Major Harryette Raihl Divisional Community Care Ministries Secretary, Older Adult Ministries Secretary*, VAVS Representative*, Order of the Silver Star*, and Current Issues Representative*
  • Lt. Colonels Zoilo & Magali Pardo** Divisional Secretaries for Latino Ministries and Corps Officers –Santa Ana Temple Corps*
  • Lt. Colonel Douglas G. O’Brien Divisional Secretary for Major Projects ***
  • Major Donna Bowman Corps Ministry Associate – Santa Monica Silvercrest
  • Majors James & Joyce Lee Additional Responsibilities: Administrators – Los Angeles Silvercrest *
  • Major Linda Markiewicz English Ministry and Minderman Administrator – Redondo Beach Corps
  • Major Roberto & Captain Melissa Viquez Corps Officers – Bellflower Temple Corps
  • Captains Juan & Nancy Argumedo Corps Officers – San Fernando Valley Corps
  • Captains Terry & Rutendo Masango Corps Officers – Pasadena Tabernacle Corps
  • Lieutenant Ryan Bearchell Corps Officer –Whittier Corps and Rio Hondo Area Coordinator *
  • Lieutenant Jennifer Bearchell Corps Officer –Whittier Corps
  • Lieutenants Christopher & Joanne Golden Corps Officers –Bell Lighthouse Corps
  • Lieutenants Javier & Irene Castro Corps Officers – Hollywood Temple Corps
  • Lieutenant John Kim Corps Officer –Pomona Corps
  • Lieutenant Hannah Gwak Corps Officer –Pomona Corps
  • Lieutenant Theresa Williams Urban Ministry Director – Siemon Youth Community Center


  • Major Nancy Dihle General Secretary and Valley of the Sun Program Coordinator*
  • Captain Raymond Dihle Divisional Secretary for Program
  • Lieutenant Sean O’Brien Divisional Youth & Candidates’ Secretary
  • Lieutenant Harryette O’Brien Divisional Youth Secretary
  • Majors George & Dawn Rocheleau City Coordinators –Tucson Arizona
  • Majors William & Beverly Cobb Corps Officers –Pahrump Valley Corps
  • Majors Hector & Ana Diaz Corps Officers – Phoenix Central Corps
  • Majors Salvador E. & Gloribel Gonzalez Corps Officers – Albuquerque Temple Corps
  • Majors Gwyn & AnnMarguerite Jones Corps Officers –Ray & Joan Kroc Corps –Phoenix South Mountain Corps
  • Majors Michael & Beth Paugh Associate Corps Officers –Mesa Corps
  • Majors Timothy & Sybil Smith Corps Officers – Phoenix Citadel Corps*
  • Captains Mark & Kathy Merritt Corps Officers – Sun Cities West Valley Corps
  • Captain Lisa Smith Director – Mesquite Service Center
  • Lieutenants Genesis & Martha Apuan Corps Officers –Tempe Corps
  • Lieutenant Tim Brown Corps Officer –Yuma Corps and Yuma County Coordinator *
  • Lieutenant Kimberly Brown Corps Officer –Yuma Corps
  • Lieutenants Michael & Cherie Evans Corps Officers – Las Cruces Corps
  • Lieutenants Bryan & Mareah Makowski Corps Officers –Alamogordo Corps
  • Lieutenant Darla Malone Assistant Corps Officer –Glendale Corps
  • Lieutenants Phillip & Sejal McCutcheon Corps Officers –Henderson Corps
  • Lieutenants Christopher & Latisa Ratliff Associate Corps Officers – Phoenix Citadel Corps


  • Majors Moises & Maria Hernandez, Sr. Corps Officers –South Hillsborough County Corps Tampa/Hillsborough County, FL Area Command
    Southern Territory
    Effective June 20, 2016
  • Major Kevin Jackson Area Coordinator –Summit County Area Services Corps Officer –Akron Citadel Corps
    Eastern Territory
    Effective:  June 29, 2016
  • Major Linda Jackson Associate Area Coordinator –Summit County Area Services Corps Officer –Akron Citadel Corps
    Eastern Territory
    Effective:  June 29, 2016
  • Captain John Dove Chaplain –Akron, Ohio ARC
    Eastern Territory
    Effective:  June 29, 2016
  • Captain Maureen K. Lawliss Corps Officer –Rutland, VT Corps
    Eastern Territory
    Effective:  June 29, 2016


  • Majors Steve & Hermas Pearl Corps Officers –Chuuk Corps and In-Charge –Wichap Outpost*
    Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division
  • Lieutenant Hannah Gwak Corps Officer –Pomona Corps
    Southern California Division

* Indicates additional responsibilities
** TEC Member
***Post Retirement Service

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