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foleysAfter nine years at Crestmont, Majors Tim and Cindy Foley farewell in 2015.

By Tim and Cindy Foley, Majors – 

The College for Officer Training (CFOT) at Crestmont is sacred space. Some individuals have fallen in love with these grounds. Others have a love-hate relationships with it; they like it, but they can’t wait to leave. Since 1975, thousands of people have called this place home while being either a cadet or staff officer. We have had the privilege of living and working here since 2006, but now the time has come for us to move on.

In our nine year tenure, we have participated in the training of nearly 300 cadets and have seen the cadet population rise from 15 to 62 individuals in a session. We have been through two accreditation renewals, the development of new courses like “Emerging Trends,” and the expansion of the field training program to include direct ministry at Adult Rehabilitation Centers on Sundays.

We have been intentional to provide a 360-degree approach in the practical training of the cadets. Among many things taught here, Bible, theology, homiletics and business courses, all cadets leave here with Emergency Disaster Services certifications, media training and more understanding of how advisory organizations work.

Tim served alongside two training principals as assistant principal before being named training principal in March 2011. Cindy worked to establish a strong foundation of corps program ministry on campus, created a robust women’s and men’s ministry program, and worked with the Crestmont Council to strengthen the budget, property management, and strategic planning for the college.

It has been a true joy to know that the lessons and time that we invest into the lives of the cadets and staff officers is capable of being multiplied many times as God will use the skills and knowledge that is developed at CFOT to touch the lives of thousands of people throughout the territory. Being a part of training future officers who will embrace the spiritual needs of the corps, institutions, and the greater community is a sacred task and one that we haven’t taken lightly.

We still get excited when an officer calls to tell us about their ministry and we have a chance to celebrate the work of God in the lives of their congregation. With much love comes much hope—and we have much hope that the service of the past 10 sessions of commissioned officers will bring new souls to the kingdom and provide strength and support for the believers who are serving with distinction on the field.

On a personal level, all three of our children were able to graduate from Palos Verdes schools. Tim completed a doctorate degree in spiritual formation. Cindy has participated in two courses for ministry leaders and is also working on a leadership degree. We have truly enjoyed our time here working with so many dedicated employees and officers who are committed to the teaching of the cadets and the betterment of The Salvation Army.

The future of The Salvation Army in the Western Territory is in good, godly hands. We firmly believe that God has raised up a new generation that will honor the legacy of the past but will move forward with the spirit of Salvationism.  We will see officers who are committed to the simple vision of imagination, innovation and inspiration in all the work that they will do.

Cadet Appointments

Cadet Appointments

College for Officer Training Lt

Festival features Western Territory Staff Band and Songsters

Festival features Western Territory Staff Band and Songsters

By Don McDougald, Lt

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