Casa Grande Corps enrolls ten junior soldiers

Recently ten new junior soldiers were enrolled at the Casa Grande Corps. Seven of these junior soldiers were first introduced to The Salvation Army through its Spring Break Day Camp held in March 2005. Two new senior soldiers were enrolled on this same day, one of whom is the mother of four of the children who were introduced to The Salvation Army through the day camp. Captain Jason Koenig commented: “In God’s timing we are able to observe the manner in which he guides our ministry and leads people into a committed relationship with him.” Front row: Isaac Castro, Marcos Manuel-Chavez, Joey Manual-Chavez, Aaron Castro, Myra Granado. Middle row: Captain Jason Koenig, Alisha Manual-Chavez, Ashley Huddleston, Elena Castro, Ophelia Granado, Adriana Castro, Captain Angelina Koenig. Back row: Major Donna Ames, Major Jerry Ames, Captain Diane McEaneney.

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