CARING: Coming in from the cold

The winter 2007 issue of Caring magazine is on its way to press.

The theme of this issue is “Coming in from the cold.” Several social services programs that are designed to warm those chilled by cold weather are featured. However; programs that aid those suffering from a spiritual chill, or lives frozen by addictions are also included.

Major George Hood, national community relations and development secretary, contributed the lead article, “Today’s Whether Forecast.” Hood examines whether the changes in Washington D.C. due to recent elections forecast changes in the way the Army works.

An update on the Army’s work in Alabama and Louisiana a year and a half after Katrina, written by photographer Lyle Ratliff, details the long road to recovery that is still ahead of those affected by the hurricane.

Captain Ian Robinson talks about the work the Army is doing China. In “What am I doing here?” Robinson explains that the Army there faces great difficulties, but is being received with greater openness than ever before.

Portland, Oregon’s innovative Homeless Infirmary Program, providing continuing care to the homeless after they are discharged from hospitals is presented as a model for other programs.

Explaining the Army
Caring is dedicated to describing not just what the Army does, but why the Army does it. It is designed for anyone who needs to know more about the Army and its work.

Captain Edward Hill, corps officer of the Pasadena Tabernacle Corps, recently ordered subscriptions for the entire advisory board and is very happy with the results. Said Hill, “I ordered subscriptions to Caring Magazine for our Advisory Board because I realized it was the best vehicle available to educate and encourage our community volunteers regarding the scope and quality of Salvation Army services….I also am encouraged by the focus on corps based ministries which is, of course, the foundation for most of what we accomplish in the Army. I have received very positive feedback from board members who are receiving and enjoying the magazine.”

Many corps and divisions order subscriptions to Caring for their advisory organizations. Discounts are available for group subscriptions. To order Caring, please contact our circulation department at (562) 491-8329, or via e-mail at

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