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The Salvation Army in Canada enhances its website

After a year of analyzing how the web communicates to the public and how visitors use it, The Salvation Army in Canada announced a new vision for its website, The result is not a redesign, but an enhancement to its features and the overall online experience of visitors.

The website now presents more images and includes a section for “Salvation Army TV,” where visitors can directly access YouTube videos that highlight The Salvation Army.

Most importantly, the site features the “Giving Hope Online” toolbox, making it easier than ever to support the Army. This allows visitors to donate online, sign-up to become a volunteer, make a tax-smart gift or register to follow the Army on Facebook.

“We are continuing our efforts to be in the forefront of new media communications and Web 2.0 tools,” says Graham D. Moore, territorial secretary for public relations and development of The Salvation Army in Canada. “Over the next year we will be adding more features to engage our visitors and improve their online experience. We want to empower them with the ability to make a difference in their community, across Canada and around the world.”

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