Camsey Musical Goes Saturday Night at Commissioning

by Captain Terry Camsey – 

Both the young and the “young at heart” will want to be sure to put this event on their calendar. It has been designed specifically for them.

The College for Officer Training has designated the Saturday evening of Commissioning Weekend as an evening for families to enjoy together. Children are encouraged to bring their parents; parents are encouraged to bring their children; others are invited to bring the childlike spirit that is within them. It is an opportunity for us all to enjoy an activity together as members of God’s family!

The emphasis is musical, but not in the traditional sense, for cadets of CFOT (with a little help from their children) are to present not one, but two short musicals interspersed with some singing by the Cadets’ Chorus.

So where do the Moppets and Poppets come in?

Way back in 1973, the Hollywood Tabernacle Corps singing company premiered a new musical for young voices…GET ON BOARD, CHILDREN! Lyrics by Janette Smart (then Singing Company leader) and Terry Camsey (then bandsman!). It was so well received that the Nazarene Publishing House published the musical and, 10 years later, rereleased it due to its popularity. Since then it has been sung by the children of the original child cast and in many other settings.

Never before, however, has it been presented in the format scheduled for this special evening. Life-sized puppets (looking remarkably like favorite Sesame Street characters) will be joined by Miss Piggy as guest soloist in bringing into life the story of Noah, Master Builder. What better story to tell as we celebrate the commissioning of the Builders of the Kingdom session?

So much for the Moppets…there’s more…

I wonder how many Salvationists have a set of Poppets on their mantelpiece at home. As I recall, Colonel George Church (R) persuaded a local potter to create these delightful figurines, including Molly, Effie, Grover the drummer and others.

Have you ever wondered what they would say if they came to life and were able to tell their stories? So did Kevin White, and he discovered that each one has a vibrant testimony to give. In Saints ALIVE!, you are going to have an opportunity to hear those stories as life-sized Poppets will come to life and share them with you. This will be an unforgettable experience, and you’ll kick yourself if you are not there!

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention that every child under the age of 10 will receive a souvenir gift that will remind them of the evening for months to come.

So there we are. MOPPETS and POPPETS, a very, very unique evening. Don’t forget, if you are young, young-at-heart, a parent, a child or an adult with a childlike spirit within, then this evening is for you.

Oh, by the way. Have you ever wondered what to do on a rainy day in an Ark? COME AND FIND OUT!

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