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Revolution Hawaii:

REVHI Warriors go homeless for a week.


Adam Sheafers lives “houseless” for a week on the beach in Hawaii.

For ministry to be meaningful—to actually make a difference in people’s lives—do we wait for those in need to come to us?

The Revolution Hawaii (REVHI) team can be called modern warriors. The role and purpose of present day revolutionary warriors can be discovered in the “call to action” in my latest book:

I want to conclude with a radical call to action. Jesus…was a revolutionary in the purest sense of the word. There are several definitions for the word revolution, and among them are “overthrow of a ruler” and “major change—a dramatic change in ideas or practice.” Jesus referred to Satan as “the prince (ruler) of this world” (John 14:30). When God calls us, he calls us to radically change our life script and join the revolution—to proactively participate in the overthrow of Satan and his legions. Notice that the letters “e-v-o-l” in revolution spell the word love backwards. His weapon of choice in this overthrow is love. But, don’t wait! Get compassionately radical and join the revolution now!

Satan rules in Hawaii, so much so that it has been dubbed the “ice [crystal methamphetamine] capital of the world.” (Go to blog.html for more detail.) Thus Hawaii has one of the largest homeless populations in the western world.

Enter Revolution Hawaii! These hand picked warriors have joined the revolution and are proactively participating in the overthrow of Satan and his minions on that island.

Example: REVHI warriors decided to go homeless for a week in order to empathize, understand and connect with their “weapon of choice.” Excerpts from Adam Scheafers’ blog describe the experience:

“Wednesday afternoon I found out that I was going to camp out with the ‘houseless’ at Maile Beach; to be a witness of Jesus in a dark place, to further get to know the poor, and to get an idea of what it’s like being homeless on the beach in Hawaii…Sometimes neighbors would come over for dinner. One guy even hung out, playing guitar and singing a song he had written. Then we sat around and talked story—about life and God and everything.

“Saturday night I reconnected with someone we met at Maile. Three months ago this guy was homeless, on drugs, unable to see his kids….He was feeling depressed and asked God for someone to talk to—then he ran into us. We were able to remind him that God has done so many great things in his life over these last few months. It
is phenomenal! We prayed together and had fellowship.”

You can read more of Adam’s experiences at www.revolutiondreamer.

Are you between the ages of 18–28, or do you know someone in that age range who might benefit from this training experience? “Don’t wait! Get compassionately radical and join the revolution now!” A new session is forming for September 2007. Applications can be downloaded at
Join the Revolution now!

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