Café turned mission station


Robert Frye, Mandi Stewart, Karl Bush, Ashley Delamar, Captains John and Andrea Sikes

Southern Territory uses new way to reach youth.

Salvation Army Captains John and Andrea Sikes in Greenville, N.C., have formed one of the first mission stations in the Southern Territory, renovating an old café.

“We will be offering contemporary worship services, perhaps at non-traditional times and days of the week to individuals who would come to an old café, but never dream of stepping foot into a building with a steeple,” John Sikes said. “It will allow us to reach out to a generation that finds the church to be not relevant to their community.”

Ashley Delamar, divisional development director, concurred, “The Salvation Army wants to be hip and cool to a point where we want to be an environment where people want to come and worship. So this is very much a model for us.”

In the territory, mission stations can be opened and run by any soldier who is willing to reach others for Jesus in new ways, and a $5,000 grant is available through territorial headquarters to defray the costs of establishment. One must be a local officer or retired officer, have the local corps officer sign off on the proposal and send it to divisional headquarters for approval.

From Southern Spirit

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