Cadets bring fresh ministry to spring campaigns

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by Donna Jackson, MAJOR – 

Armed with mission names and evangelistic fervor, six brigades of Crestmont College cadets “stormed the forts of darkness” in the Western Territory from March 15-21, as part of the college’s practicum “hands-on” ministry training. The cadets and their brigade officers from the School for Officer Training arrived at their assigned corps ready to find new ways to present the Good News of the Gospel.

The Hmong community in Clovis, Calif., caught the spirit from the Cure Brigade, and even a few gang members made commitments as Cadet Luis Acosta acted as DJ to demonstrate how Christian music can be up-to-date and still glorify God. In Fairbanks, Alaska the Keepers of the Flame Brigade kept young people busy over spring break with a dynamic drop-in center/vacation Bible school. Cadet Joanne Louangamath showed teens a new way to praise God through dance. “The kids were so enthusiastic they didn’t want to stop,” said Louangamath. “I was reminded how important it is to be part of people’s lives and really allow them to be involved.”

On the beach at Kona, Hawaii, the Driven Brigade witnessed with a “peep” box showing the Gospel story, and shared Jesus, the Water of Life. Cadets were deeply moved when a homeless man returned to place a yellow hibiscus blossom on the picture of Jesus on the cross.

Neighborhood outreach, door-to-door visiting, open airs, thrift store work and more kept LIFE Brigade cadets busy in Roswell, New Mexico. A Sunday evening meeting at the Juarez, Mexico corps reminded the cadets and officers that while they did not speak a common language, the worship of God and God’s love crosses all boundaries.

For cadets in Seattle, an open air was a new experience for some and, for others, reminiscent of earlier generations of Salvationists. “It was a rewarding time, an inspirational time,” said first-time brigade officer Major Glen Doss.

Cadets also listened to and prayed with those who provided hospitality. “We were blessed by opportunities for scheduled ministry as well as the extraordinary circumstances for additional ministry,” said Cadet Les Spousta.

A total of 21 adults and 26 children made first time commitments to God through the ministry of the cadets. Many others recommitted their lives to God, and still others responded to a call of God for officership, the legacy of a successful Spring Campaign.

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