Buchanan to head new Missions Department

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Commissioner David Edwards recently announced the addition of a new Missions Department to Territorial Headquarters.

According to Lt. Colonel Janice Buchanan (R ), who has been appointed Territorial Secretary for Missions, “It is the intent of the territorial commander that this new department be a voice of encouragement to Salvationists as they mobilize for action on the home front to insure that evangelism and service can continue on the front lines of the fields of mission.”

She states “We never hear about spiritual breakthroughs in unreached people groups on the five o’clock news. We won’t read about them in the news-papers either. The secular press neither understands nor is interested in God’s pursuits. In this void, then, the Missions Department will seek to keep us connected to God’s heart for people around the world, equip and train our Missionary Sergeants, and help us all find practical ways to do our bit.”

As part of the Program Department, Buchanan will be responsible for the development and promotion of Self-Denial Campaigns, World Service Campaigns, and Corps and Overseas Mission Teams and projects.

Captain Mariam Rudd will continue to facilitate the needs of Overseas Personnel.

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