Bridging relationships with authenticity


Murrieta Corps family

Murrieta Corps and Riverside County ARC include and connect with each other.

By LeAnn Trimmer, Major

The Murrieta Corps and Riverside County Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC), both in Southern California,  have successfully partnered using love, acceptance and authentic relationships.

This bridging between the corps and ARC is evidenced by the number of of ARC graduates and family members who now attend the corps. Presently, 34 of 105 Murrieta Corps senior soldiers came through direct connection with the ARC, and 113 adherents attend the corps.

“I don’t have to explain myself and recovery or hide who I had been,” said David Cain, soldier and ARC graduate. “The ministry of the corps and the ARC is to reach and disciple addicts. It is an ongoing, vital part of my recovery.”

Several soldiers and adherents  are also involved at the ARC teaching Alumni 12-Step meetings and leading worship on Sunday evenings. Weekly Bible studies and adherent classes are available.

“The connection is outstanding,” said LeeVale Butler, ARC intake coordinator, of the corps and ARC relationship. The initial four corps meetings are mandatory for ARC beneficiaries. “Once the men feel the love from the corps, the love of Christ begins to illuminate within…an open relation between the corps and the ARC facilitates their physical and spiritual recovery, and provides a doorway to a solid relationship with the Lord.”

In those mandatory meetings, the corps’ challenge is to welcome and win over the new beneficiaries. The men are included in fellowship meals, including the 2×4 Men’s Breakfast—ministry to men, by men, for men.

“The ARC was God’s way of rescuing me from my addiction and the hell my life was,” said Patrick Rodrigue, soldier and ARC graduate. “I learned about the corps because I was required to attend while I was in the program…it is now the place that keeps me on the right track and anchored in my recovery.”

Upon enrollment, adherents are given prayer partners who work to keep in touch with them even after graduation. The corps also purchased a van for the express purpose of transporting adherents to the corps on Sundays.

The hallmark of this relationship is simple: We’re all broken, we’ve all been damaged by sin, we all need Jesus and we all need his grace and transforming power. It’s a journey we take together.

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