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Dear Paul

by Edie Jenkins –

This book grew from a vivid dream experienced by the author, Commissioner Wesley Harris, in which he was writing a letter to the Apostle Paul. After recounting the dream to his wife the next day, she said, “Why don’t you do it?”

The summary on the back cover states: “So it was that the commissioner wrote his letter to Paul…and then another, and another. As they could not be posted to the intended recipient, he sent them instead to the editor of Salvationist, where they were subsequently published over a period of 20 months. Now the 79 letters have been brought together in this book.”

Based on Paul’s words in Scripture, and expanded by his own reflections, Harris covers many topics. Examples are: A letter about…student days, the need for quietness, suffering and the future, the grace of giving, strength in weakness, and God’s ordinary people. Each letter is thought-provoking and inspiring, and many are seasoned with humor.

In his introduction Commissioner Harris says, “Sadly, I have never received a reply from the Apostle Paul but I hope that sharing the letters through this book will encourage others to explore the life and letters of the great apostle and discover more of God’s will for their lives.”

I believe readers will find that the author’s hope is realized. These delightful and insightful letters are helpful for anyone wishing to use them for Bible study or daily devotional readings.

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