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by Robert Davidson, Lieutenant –

I was born in Las Vegas, Nev.—fifth of six children—and grew up economically challenged; I know how it feels to be poor. We moved to California when I was about 10. My father died in a car accident just three years later, when I was 13, and my mother moved us to Little Rock, Ark., so we could be closer to her family in Hope.

Like most large cities, Little Rock had its share of gang activity and I struggled not to become one of the casualty statistics. Some of my friends were gang members, but the majority were musicians and rappers like me.

After graduating from high school—the only one in my group to graduate—I moved to Atlanta, Ga., to seek a music career. Instead of success, I experienced homelessness, poverty and a “broken heart.” All these negatives moved me closer to an encounter with the biggest positive in my life: At the age of 20, I accepted Jesus Christ into my life.

I moved to California—still pursuing my dream—and met Jenny Phrasavath at a Christian video shoot. Jenny introduced me to The Salvation Army and we both served at the Santa Fe Springs, Calif., corps. Not long after, I proposed to her and she is now my fiancée.

Crestmont has been a blessing for me. The officers and staff are wonderful and concerned about my future. I worked at the San Bernardino Corps my first year where I helped with their Christmas outreach to the homeless.

My summer assignment was at The Salvation Army Denver Red Shield. I interacted with youth and adults, encouraging them to pursue God and all that he has for them. I helped many discover their God-given gifts and talents.

During Christmas I served at the Pomona Corps. I was amazed at how many people God put in my path. One girl who worked in the office asked if she could have my Bible, which I gave to her. She read it every day. We became good friends and had many positive discussions about God’s word. Each day she spent time reading and meditating on the Bible and this encouraged me. Another young lady—who grew up in the Army, participating in every program available—advised me that she too plans to become an officer. I feel blessed when God uses me to bless someone else.

I see my engagement to Jenny as God working his perfect will in me. It’s somewhat like a storybook life because I know how far God has brought me. All my dreams are coming true, dreams that he gave me. He has been far better to me than I have ever been to myself. I am so blessed to be in his Army.

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