Believers session appointments

Commissioning 2003

The new Captains of the Believers session on Saturday, June14, received their first appointments at the Commissioning, Ordination, and Appointments service in Pasadena, Calif.

Captain Jennifer Cortez
and Electo
Assistant Corps Officer
Wenatchee Corps, WA

Captain Bill Finley
Assistant Corps Officer
Redondo Beach Corps, CA

Captain Bo Han
Assistant Corps Officer
Oakland Foothill Corps, CA

Captain Erika Hernández
Corps Officer
Burbank Corps, CA

Captains Eugene & Kimberly Jo
and Jason, Thomas & Grace
Corps Officers
Tucson Korean Corps, AZ

Captains Eric & Shereen Lee
and Karina & Jasmine
Corps Officers
San Pedro Corps, CA

Captain Beverly Martínez
Assistant Corps Officer
Clovis Corps, CA

Captains Julius & Shannon Murphy
Assistant Corps Officers
Tri-Cities Corps, CA

Captains Kelly & Catherine Nolan
Corps Officers
Eastside Corps, WA

Captains Sung-ho & Hwa-soon Cho Park
Return to Korea Territory

Captain Danette Posey
Assistant Corps Officer
Juneau Corps, AK

Captain Jesús Quintanilla
Assistant Corps Officer
Santa Ana Temple Corps, CA

Captains Rio & Rachel Ray
and Byron James
Corps Officers
Fountain Valley Corps, CO

Captains Timothy & Judith Rockey and Eamon
Not pictured: Emily
ARC Trainees

Captains Martin & Tory Ross
and Carmen, Alexandria & Kristen
Corps Officers
Compton Corps, CA

Captains Robert & Cassandra Sproule and Joseph
Assistant Corps Officers
Kalispell Corps, MT

Captains Thomas & Kimberly Stambaugh and Annie
Corps Officers
Vallejo Corps, CA

Captains Robert & Jill Steiner
Corps Officers
Santa Fe Corps, NM

Captain Wendy West
Assistant Corps Officer
Chula Vista Corps, CA
and Door of Hope Chaplain

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