Beautiful: Things are not always as they seem

This is a momentary glimpse into one woman’s life as she walks down the street. How people react to her will make you realize there is always more to someone’s story than what’s on the surface.

Read the transcript of the video here:

A woman gets looks from men in a hallway and an elevator because of the way she looks. She takes off her false eyelashes. She receives text messages that read: “Eh dont come back 2 early,” “Get in a few more tricks,” and her response reads: “Whatever.” She takes off her wig. She continues walking. A man catcalls her from a car. She continues to walk with her eyes forward.

She places a phone call: “Hey how’s she doing? I’m going to get a quick bite, but I’m on my way right now… Can I talk to her? Hi baby…You did? Wow, I like it. Yeah, mommy’s going to be home soon. Yeah I miss you too. I know but mama’s done with work today. Ok, go to sleep and I’ll see you soon. Bye bye hunny.” 

At first she passes a Salvation Army canteen truck, but then she goes back to pick up a hot meal. The Salvation Army Volunteer says: “Hey I don’t know if anyone told you this today, but you are beautiful and precious and you’re not alone. If there’s anything that you need, you know where to find us.” Woman walks away crying.

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