Baxendale’s book, CD offer activities for all ages

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Based on years of experience–including a course he conducted at SFOT in “Social evenings in camp and corps,” Commissioner David Baxendale has published a resource notebook for all Salvationists involved in program development.

Are We Having Fun Yet? is filled with more than 700 pages of resources for Christian recreation with parties, games, campfires, devotions, skits and stunts, songs and choruses–all done with the purpose of attracting people into the Kingdom.

“I see the notebook as a ministry to all Salvation Army institutions and corps, particularly since all four territories in the USA have discontinued their program service materials except for the Home League,” said Baxendale.

In his introduction, Commissioner Phil Needham, Southern territorial commander, stated “David has joined the conspiracy against excessive seriousness by painstakingly gathering this rich treasury of party, game, skit, stunt and campfire ideas. They are suitable in a variety of settings–wherever a group of people are interested in having some good clean fun and enjoying the lighter side of life.”

Are We Having Fun Yet? will be available November 1 and may be ordered through the Internet at or by calling 1-800-238-6376. The cost is $59.95 for the book alone; for the book and a CD, the cost is $69.95.

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