Banquet honors parents, mentors

CAPTAIN TINA OCANO speaks at the Silver Star luncheon.

Lt. Colonel Diane O’Brien led the Parents’ Banquet, where the cadets honor their parents or other individuals who have served as their spiritual mentors by the ceremonial presentation of the Silver Star pins.

Commissioner Gisèle Gowans gave the address, speaking movingly on the importance of faithfulness in our relationships, particularly the faithful love of parents for their children and the never-ceasing faithfulness of God for us, his children. “Don’t doubt that God is faithful to his people through the generations,” she said, reminding us that “his compassions never fail…great is your faithfulness” (Lam. 3:22). She encouraged parents to examine the faith of their children and to “accept the reality of a faithful God,” and she urged the cadets to be faithful to their calling.

Territorial President of Women’s Organizations Commissioner Doreen Edwards, supported by Secretary of the Order of the Silver Star Lt. Colonel Carolyn Peacock, presented the Silver Stars and parents and mentors proudly and often tearfully stood by while the cadets pinned the stars on them.

The banquet also featured a tribute to parents by Cadet Tina Ocano, a parent herself, who likened parenting to gardening, and stressed the importance of sowing good things into your children.

The meeting was enlivened by an upbeat musical number by the cadets, “Mourning to Dancing,” by Tommy Walker.

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