Bank of Sacramento event drops $5,000 in kettle

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by Krista Noonan – 

AROUND THE KETTLE are (l-r): Del Oro Divis-ional Secretary Capt. Doug Riley; Bank of Sacramento President William Martin; Bank of Sacramento Executive VP and COO Kathleen Thomas; and Major Eda Hokom, Del Oro divisional commander.

The Salvation Army in Sacramento is fortunate to have an active advisory board, which includes dedicated members like William Martin, the president of the Bank of Sacramento. Martin recognized recent challenges with raising money in the traditional red kettles so he initiated his own unique approach to Christmas fundraising.

He and his staff organized an event to be held at their offices recently; they sent invitations to all of the bank’s customers, asking them to “bring your good cheer and your ‘spare change’ for The Salvation Army’s Kettle.”

As individuals arrived, they were greeted at the front door with two bank employees holding Salvation Army red kettles, awaiting their gifts. Alongside them was a Salvation Army ensemble filling the air with Christmas carols. This festive atmosphere continued throughout the evening as approximately 300 attendees socialized and interacted with Salvation Army officers. It was a great opportunity for education about the Army’s ministry! Plus over $5,000 was raised in just under three hours’ time!

Major Eda Hokom, Del Oro divisional commander, states: “We are deeply appreciative of this kind of dedication and commitment from our advisory board member and feel Mr. Martin has come up with a unique way of fundraising…outside the normal arena of kettles.”

In addition to hosting this event, Bank of Sacramento employees are also adopting four families this Christmas and volunteer their time at kettles.

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