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Book Review

Easter is God’s answer to life’s questions

More than 13,000 readers around the world enjoy Words of Life, written by Major Barbara Sampson of New Zealand. The forth-coming Easter edition (January ­ April 2003) is titled, “Dancing in the Rain” and leads readers to a greater understanding of God’s presence in every facet of our lives.

“Why do dreams die? Why is prayer unanswered? Where is God when my world crumbles?” These are some of life’s questions and, according to Sampson, Easter is the closest we get to God’s answers. “When the world trips and turns, the cross is a ‘still point,’ the expression of an enduring love that will never let us go,” she says.

This edition of Words of Life traces the evidence of God’s love through the Old Testament narratives of Joseph and Hosea, Psalms, Paul’s letter to the Galatians, a study on prayer in the hard times, and the Easter chapters of Mark’s Gospel.

Major Seth Le Leu, international projects officer, has written an insightful series on The Salvation Project.

Through this Easter journey, may we find some answers to the tough questions and discover that even on the darkest day, God is with us, dancing in the rain.

Words of Life (January – April 2003) is now available at the Western Territory’s Supplies and Purchasing: 1-800-937-8896.)

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