Army cleans up in El Salvador

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Modesto Red Shield team ministers in Central America.

by Angie Carcamo, Captain –

L-R: Maria Arellano, Captain Angie Carcamo, Michael Sumpter and Teresa Pamanian present a VBS lesson. [Photo by Rene Carcamo]

Undeterred by news of violence and emails about the dangers of scorpions and snakes, the seven members of the Modesto (Calif.) Red Shield ministry team—accompanied by Captains Rene and Angela Carcamo, corps officers—boarded a plane this summer and flew to El Salvador for eight days of service.

Major Donnie Wilson, officer in charge El Salvador, and Corps Officer Major Higinio Guantá de la Cruz, Merliot Corps, Colegio de Ninos and Finance Secretary for the Regional Command of El Salvador, met them at the airport and drove to a camp where they spent the next five days sanding, painting, cutting grass, and replacing old fences. The tools available lacked the sophistication and ease of those used back home. Sanding was done by hand, the paint smelled like gasoline and wouldn’t wash off, and they cut the tall grass with machetes.

Majors Donnie and Jeannie Wilson then took them to the San Salvador Central and Meriot corps where they assisted in children’s campaigns. Maintenance work at the corps—like fixing a toilet, painting a computer lab, and repairing electrical boxes—was also on their agenda. The team had brought along toys, craft items, clothing and tools to give to the local people.

Next stop was Santa Tecla, a city identified by the Army for evangelization. They knocked on doors, visited families, and walked through the neighborhood talking with people. Crafts, balloons, and games drew the children’s attention.

“We were very touched by their [the team members] sacrificial spirit and servants’ hearts,” said Wilson. “Hopefully, we will be able to develop a stronger relation with this corps as we work together to bring others to Jesus.”

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