Army Canteens On Site in Seattle Demonstrations

The Seattle Police Depart-ment and units of the National Guard requested The Salvation Army’s ongoing support for the duration of the World Trade Organizations (WTO) Confer-ence, where security personnel served in the downtown area where protests were occurring.

Demonstrators of all political persuasions expressed opposition to WTO’s perceptions of the policies concerning incursion of democratic prerogatives within the United States in support of human rights and environmental concerns.

Salvation Army mobile canteens provided hot soup, sandwiches, fruit, cookies and beverages to relieve law enforcement on a route designated by officials.

The Seattle White Center mobile canteen was dispatched to Boeing field to support troops providing security for President Clinton’s arrival. A large breakfast was served to more than 100 police officers, National Guard troops and fire fighters. Meanwhile, four of The Salvation Army mobile canteens were on standby from Longview, Port Angeles, Moses Lake and Seattle White Center.

Donations were affected as a result of the demonstrations, since Salvation Army kettles could not be placed due to the activities of protesters closing shops and restricting public access to downtown areas.

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