Annual Harvest Festival supports officer training

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By Olivia Yates – 

For members of a typical Salvation Army corps or ARC in the Western Territory, the effectiveness of officer training can be seen in the day-to-day performance of the officer in charge. Salvationists work with their officer in every context…as pastor, personnel supervisor, accountant, property manager, youth mentor, program director, counselor and social service agent. On a daily basis, Salvationists see up close and personal how Salvation Army officers are called on to be many things to many people. And nowhere is a vote of confidence for an officer more important than from a member of his or her congregation.

Harvest Festival allows soldiers and others to express their faith in their own officers and in the training program that prepares them. On Sunday, October 12, 2003 members of corps and ARCs throughout the Western Territory will receive a Harvest Festival bulletin and donation envelope at their morning worship service, and will be invited to demonstrate their support by contributing toward a congregational gift to Crestmont College officer training.

“Our officer training program begins with listening to what our communities tell us is needed,” says Crestmont President and Training Principal Lt. Colonel Raymond Peacock. “We’re preparing officers for spiritual leadership, servant leadership, self leadership and team leadership, to work in partnership with corps members. Harvest Festival is a rich Army tradition that shares the responsibility for officer training with the local congregations and with the communities that participate in their ministry.”

Harvest Festival donations will be used to maintain the quality of officer training, ensuring relevant curriculum and practical ministry preparation, updated library and technological resources, a qualified faculty, and financial support for cadets, said Peacock.

For Harvest Festival information, call the Office of Institutional Advancement at (310) 265-6140. Visit or call (310) 377-0481 to find out more about Crestmont College and its programs.

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