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Territorial Administrative Leaders Conference Convenes

by Robert Docter – 

The Territorial Commander, Commissioner David Edwards will convene a conference of territorial administrative leaders later this month to examine “new directions” for the territory throughout 1998 and into the next century. Involved will be territorial cabinet members, divisional commanders, divisional and general secretaries, command heads and territorial department secretaries.

Joining the conference will be Commissioners Alex and Ingeborg Hughes, international secretary for the Americas and secretary for women’s organizations respectively. The Hughes have spent almost their entire careers prior to this appointment in Latin American territories.

Also significantly involved will be J. David Schmidt, a management consultant who has assisted the territory in examining strategic planning for the completion of MISSION2000 goals and moving forward into the next century. Schmidt has already participated in cabinet deliberations, with the MISSION2000 council and with TERLOC. His experience primarily involves him with faith based and not-for-profit groups.

Additionally, the leaders of women’s organizations in the territory will meet with Marlene Willson for special workshop sessions. Commissioner Doreen Edwards stated: “Marlene Willson brings a rich experience in motivation and inspiration of church and business leaders. We will profit immensely as she assists us in defining new ways to participate in the Army’s great growth surge as the twentieth century comes to a close and we approach the new millennium.”

Lt. Colonel Ray Peacock, territorial secretary for program, who was heavily involved with the conference planning, stated: “Growing churches are making changes. Commissioner Edwards has set in motion a process for needed change in our Army to be discussed, prioritized, and set in motion. The process began with the Terloc/MISSION2000 weekend last October, continues at this month’s Territorial Administrative Leader’s Conference (TALC), and will continue over the next 18 months via the territorial survey and visioning process. It can’t be said often enough: this is a bottom up process, and every soldier and officer in the territory who want their say will have an opportunity to have it.”

In addition to examining new directions, important sessions will involve youth programming and Sunday school promotion, the Disciples Count campaign, the development of T.E.A.M. leadership, strengthening the territory’s social service programs, and new corps opening guidelines.

Of special significance during the conference will be an opportunity for the territorial leaders to bid farewell to Colonels Dennis and Noella Phillips, who will be leaving their positions in the West to assume command of the Caribbean Territory. The conference will conclude with a public farewell for the Phillipses, scheduled for Thursday, January 22 at 7:00 p.m. at the Pasadena Tabernacle Corps.

The Hughes will visit a number of programs in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas following the conference, including The Way In, the Hollywood Youth Center and Hollywood Temple Corps, the Los Angeles Day Care Center, Bethesda House, the Los Angeles Red Shield Youth Center and the Redondo Beach apartments. In San Diego, they will visit the Silvercrest, divisional headquarters, the Family Development Center, the San Diego ARC, and will attend the Sunday Holiness service at the El Cajon Corps. Journeying back to Los Angeles, they will conclude their visit with a United Soldiers’ Rally in the Congress Hall at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday evening.


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