Alaska envoy walks through “open door”

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by Major Joyce Winters

Two years ago Envoy Ann Ward began praying the “Prayer of Jabez” (1 Chronicles 4:10). After her two grown sons moved from home, she sensed the Lord leading her to leave Arkansas and move closer to family in Rockford, Ill. She began attending the Rockford Citadel Corps, enrolled as a soldier and continued to pray for God’s direction in her life.

“I had no idea what the Lord had in mind, but it has been a real adventure to watch the doors open and then to walk through,” said Ward.

While searching the Internet, Ann was inspired by the Alaska Division’s mission statement. The divisional web page announced openings for those wanting to serve the Lord. After contacting Major Bob Rudd, Alaska divisional commander, and more prayer, she was offered the command of the outpost in Cordova, Alaska. Ann had been commissioned as an officer in 1963 before pursuing another life path. Now, almost four decades later, she is resuming a similar ministry.

Cordova is a small fishing village on an island in northern Alaska that is accessible only by boat or airplane. The population is 2,500, and the corps building is one room with the quarters upstairs. Ann envisions the outpost becoming a full-fledged, praying corps whose soldiers actively reach out to the community. Through Christ, she hopes to influence the large number of migrants who move into the area when the fish canneries are open.

“I am just so excited about this new chapter in my life,” said Ann. “It’s wonderful that God uses individual people who are willing to obey his leading.”

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