Aggressive Christianity—aggressive life



What I most appreciated about all of the speakers at the Aggressive Christianity Conference was that they focused on our individual response. This wasn’t about changing the Army (at least not directly). It wasn’t about changing our corps or our corps officer. It was about changing us. The speakers challenged and encouraged us to be obedient and responsive to God in our own Aggressive Christianity.

Even though, as part of the Youth Department, I was there for “work,” the conference really impacted me. The weekend left one major question in my mind: How can I be an aggressive Christian?

My husband and I returned home to Denver pondering what all of this meant for our own lives as a couple and as individuals. In fact, it led us to meet with our realtor the day after our return and look at a townhouse in a poor neighborhood. It led to long conversations about our ministry as a couple and lots of prayer about our future.
As the modern day “heroes” pointed out over the weekend by sharing their lives and experiences, aggressive Christianity is all about love and relationships. It’s about loving people, building a relationship with them, and showing them God’s perfect love. So what does this mean for me?

What keeps surfacing in my heart is that rather than seeking out one specific way to be a “hero” (like buying that townhouse), I need to be obedient in being an aggressive Christian in all areas of my life. I need to be aggressive in my love as a wife, as a mother, as an employee, as a soldier in my corps.

We ended up not buying that specific house. But I can say that the weekend gave me fresh eyes. As I get out of my car at work, I actually see the homeless. I see the coworkers around me who are struggling. And even closer to home, I see my husband and son as people who need daily doses of Christ’s love through me, even though they know that love for themselves.

Even more than that, as I seek to live out an aggressive life, I receive a greater knowledge and sense of his love for me. And that sparks me to continue to seek out how to glorify God with these new eyes I have for the people around me.

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