Agenda For the 21st Century

The following statement was drafted by an internationally represented team of delegates. Based on the more than 120 recommendations, it was approved almost unanimously by the entire delegation.


International Youth Forum Final Action PlanDelegates to the International Youth Forum, meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, in a spirit of praise and jubilant worship, have carefully reflected on the word of God, confronted the painful realities of our world and, sharing in vigorous discussion, have listened to the voice of God.

In moments of quiet soul-searching the delegates recommitted themselves to Christ and the militant mission of The Salvation Army as the year 2000 draws near.

Priorities have been determined out of discussion and recommendations. Important themes emerging have included the following:

  1. We must re-emphasize our mission: What God called The Salvation Army to do and how we are to fulfill that calling.
  2. We must make education a priority: We must ensure that Salvationists are educated in their faith and mission and extend relevant developmental opportunities to the community.
  3. We must increase flexibility: The Army will benefit from greater freedom of expression in decision-making, worship, planning, and program at all levels. Provision must be made to allow youth to participate in this decision-making process.

There must be a commitment to giving and serving which transcends political, racial, and cultural barriers. This will include a recognition of the value of all cultures.

The time has come for us to assume our identity as “The Breakthrough Generation.”

Generational Agenda–Issues that are important to this generation and on which energy must be focused.

  1. Spiritual Agenda–evangelism, discipleship, spiritual warfare, spiritual gifts.
  2. Army Agenda–generational equality, equal opportunities for women, music/worship styles, hierarchical structure, technology, uniform wearing, sacraments, culturally sensitive leadership.
  3. Social Agenda–strengthening of the family, the protection of children, combating prejudice/racial intolerance, addressing the problems of disease, addictions, poverty and economic enslavement.
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