A “uniform” blessing

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by Janene Zielinski, Major –

I had a blast working at the Resource Connection booth at Commissioning. I know you are thinking that is a strange place to have a “blessing experience,” but that is exactly what happened. My assignment was to help new soldiers try on their very first uniform. It was great to see their faces light up as we folded collars down, pulled on sleeves and checked for the fit. Men, women and teenagers of all sizes and shapes would pull on that tunic and be transformed! Their faces alight with smiles and pride, they began to register the awesome privilege of wearing a Salvation Army soldier’s uniform.

I was particularly blessed when I got to fit a whole family. My heart swelled as they stood in a small circle and “checked each other out” with giggles, smiles and anticipation of the ministry and witness to come. With one particularly hard-to-fit young lady there were even tears and hugs as we found a blouse style that looked really good on her. And yes, the men were just as picky about getting a good fit as the women!

A few minutes ago I boxed up some skirts that are still in good condition; however, I haven’t been that size for many years. I’m putting a label on them for Major Hill in Hawaii so they can be delivered to Micronesia to be shared with the soldiers there. I get a few goose bumps in anticipation of a new soldier getting their first Salvation Army uniform skirt to wear. In my mind, I can see the smiles as they try it on. Go through your closet and get a box. Pass on the blessing a uniform can provide.

If you would like to help equip soldiers proud to sear the SA uniform, please send items to:

Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division
c/o Major Edward Hill
2950 Manoa Rd., Honolulu HI 96822

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