A new look for Caring

The magazine’s fall 2011 issue redesign

“The Founder described the mission of the Army in one word: ‘others,’” said Commissioner James Knaggs, Western territorial commander. “I believe if he were to find another one-word mission statement, it would be, ‘caring.’ When you read Caring, you will see for yourself God’s purpose for The Salvation Army.”

Published by the Western Territory, this quarterly magazine features the holistic ministries of The Salvation Army—now with an updated design and reorganized content including the new sections: Interact, News Bites, Interview, Ideas, Review and Resources.

Now available, the fall 2011 issue, “The Army and Media,” examines media and technology as an integral and necessary part of Army ministry today. Captain Douglas McClure writes, “The church must engage if it wants to remain a driving force…avoidance of these virtual relationships is impossible.”

Yet, as you well know, media is not a new phenomenon for this organization.

An article by Dr. Diane Winston (author of Red Hot & Righteous, among other titles) looks at how the news media has long impacted the religious identity of The Salvation Army. In one example, she writes, “News reports on the lassies’ work was central to the Army’s transformation from evangelical outcast to humanitarian icon.”

The issue also includes articles about the Web-savvy Generation Z philanthropists, the Army’s ever-expanding national media strategy to keep the public connected, the Western Territory’s plans to host an open air in cyberspace, Norway’s Fretex Fashion award-winning marketing stunt, the perspective behind the Richards Group’s branding of the Army in the U.S., a housing and construction training program in the Marshall Islands, how the Army in the Midwest is helping reunite people with their lost photographs following the area’s powerful tornadoes this spring, a book review of Commissioner James Knaggs’ and Major Stephen Court’s new volume, One for All, and an interview with Mark Horvath of invisiblepeople.tv, who challenges people to go beyond awareness of homelessness.

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