A Great Army Hero Promoted to Glory

Lt. Colonel Victor L. Newbould (R)


Lt. Colonel Victor L. Newbould (R), one of the West’s most innovative and heroic officers, was promoted to Glory late January 2, 1997 from his home in Santa Rosa, Calif.

He had been in ill health for a brief period of time following an active career in retirement since 1981. Throughout his entire career he was constantly in demand as a gifted public speaker where his easy wit and fluent, intelligent delivery joined delightful humor and earned for him a warm reception. He was 80.

A strong and creative officer for more than 44 years, Newbould and his wife Ardys ably led in a number of corps, divisional and territorial appointments. Entering training in the mid-thirties from the Los Angeles Citadel (#2) corps, a corps he was later to command, he was commissioned in 1937.

He married Captain Ardys Smith on St. Valentine’s Day, 1940. During World War II he was highly involved in service to uniformed personnel while in corps appointments in both Reno and San Diego. He organized extensive aid programs for returning Navy personnel following the War.

After two years in command of the Los Angeles Citadel Corps, in 1948 he achieved a successful transfer of the corps to the newly opened Los Angeles Tabernacle at 48th and Hoover. Then began a series of administrative appointments in several divisions. In the mid-fifties he was appointed general secretary of the School for Officers’ Training where he impacted the careers of a large number of officers in significant ways. From 1962-67 he served as divisional commander in the Intermountain Division. He was a delegate to the International College for Officers in 1963.

Newbould returned to the Officers’ Training College from 1967-71 where he served as principal. While in this position he instituted some highly innovative curricula designed to facilitate relationship building between corps officers and soldiers. Long a Bible scholar, he served on the faculty of the Brengle Institute for a number of years.

Following a two-year appointment as staff secretary, Newbould completed his career as divisional commander for the Northern California and Nevada Division between 1973 and 1981.

Funeral services are pending.

Newbould is survived by his wife, Ardys, and their three children, Ruth, Paul and Christine. Messages of condolence may be sent to 2375 Range Ave. #183, Santa Rosa, CA 95403-9419.

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