A grandfather’s love aids in search for missing boy


Jaryd Atadero

The search continues for little Jaryd Atadero, who has been missing since October 2, 1999. Three years old at the time, he disappeared while on a hike with friends on the Big South Trail in Poudre Canyon, CO.

There has been no sign of Jaryd since.

Jaryd’s grandfather, Alphonzo Atadero, is a retired employee of the North Las Vegas, NV, Adult Rehabilitation Program. He explained that no trace of Jaryd–“no clothing, nothing”–has ever been found in this well-traveled recreation area, which is a rugged spot off a winding road about 50 miles east of Ft. Collins.

In the midst of the uncertainty of Jaryd’s whereabouts, his presence will remain on the trail from which he disappeared: it has been renamed the “Jaryd Atadero Trail” in association with a trail safety bill that was signed into law on October 19, 2000. The trail will be dedicated sometime this summer.

Alphonzo has donated his retirement fund of $8000 to aid in continuing the search

for Jaryd. A fund has been set up to keep Jaryd’s search alive. Donations may be sent to TFC National Bank, c/o Jaryd Atadero Legacy Fund, 5400 S. Wadsworth, CO 80123.

Anyone with information about Jaryd’s whereabouts should contact:
Larimer County Sheriff’s office 970-498-5141

Jaryd’s father, Allyn, reports more information is available on the website:



The Ft. Collins, CO, corps sent a canteen to provide meals and suport to those searching for Jaryd. His grandfather, Alphonzo, is on the right.



It was a Saturday morning
When you said Goodbye.
You had a smile on your face
And a twinkle in your eye.

Later on that day
When my friends came home
You weren’t with them
They left you up there alone.

I drove up the mountain,
I ran up the trail
I called out your name,
Hoping I wouldn’t fail.

Jaryd, my son,
I love you so much,
I want to hold you in my arms,
I want to feel your touch.

You may be lost and we might be miles apart,
But as long as I live
You will always be in my heart.
I love you, son!


(Written by Jaryd’s father, Allyn)

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