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Telling our Stories, Volume 2 set for fall release

By Don McDougald, Lt. Colonel –

TOSv2The Salvation Army has a colorful history and many of the untold stories will soon be forgotten or buried in historical archives. Telling our Stories, Volume 2 (Frontier Press, 2016) is an attempt to capture and preserve those stories for future generations to enjoy and recall what some call the “Glory Days.” If colorful characters, persecution and sometimes grim battles were the “glory days,” then maybe they were rightly identified. To many, it was simply a means of sharing the good news of Christ that brought turmoil and strife to the early-day Salvationists.  

It was not unusual for Salvationists to be stoned, or be pelted with dead animals and eggs by those who opposed the ragtag Army of eccentrics that was attempting to change communities one life at a time. Many Salvationists were arrested for preaching on a street corner and some spent months in a jail until justice prevailed and declared that Salvationists did have the right to march down the street and call people to repentance.

The progress of early Salvationists in the West was explosive. A lack of regulations allowed for continual expansion into new communities. Many corps were opened and after a year or two, if the expansion was not successful, the officer would move onto a different community. It was not unusual for officers to receive change-of-appointment every six to 12 months. In the first 10 years in the West, 73 corps formed and many are still preaching the good news today.

As you read of these early-day heroes, may you recall their victories and sometimes defeat and thank the Lord for individuals who were so motivated to stand up against those who would persecute so that we might enjoy The Salvation Army of our age.

This second volume includes the following stories of historical note:

“One Life to Live – One Life to Give”

One of the darkest moments in the history of the Western Territory occurred in 1974. Two cadets walking to the grocery store were stalked and shot by the Zebra killers. Misguided members of a black religious group were incited to attack individuals because of their skin color. The shooting had a significant impact on not only the College for Officer Training but also influenced territorial headquarters’ relocation to Southern California.

“God’s Blessings in the Former Soviet Union”

The collapse of the Communist Soviet Union opened the door for Salvationists to fill the empty longing in hearts indoctrinated in the secular society. One officer couple from the Western Territory were able to open doors to allow The Salvation Army to establish a foothold in three former communistic societies. It’s an inspiring story of God’s blessings on an amazing adventure.

“Major Dolores Rivitt, Order of the Founder”

The story of one woman who followed her dream and won the hearts of the people in Alaska. She often went where others would refuse to go and fulfilling her calling to serve the people.

“When William Booth Came to Oakland”

When the Founder came to Oakland, he stayed in the home of friends of the Army. Often on the eccentric side, this adventure reveals a different side of this great gentlemen.

“Salvationist Mining Camps”

The story of two men who lead successful adventures as gold and copper miners. They operated the mines with only Salvationists as the workers with all proceeds to speed the work of the Lord.

“Jailed for Jesus”

In an effort to control charity fraud, the City of Los Angles created a law that effectively closed down all Salvation Army charitable activities. This is the story of one officer who went to jail for months so the Army could enjoy the freedom to serve others.

Find Telling our Stories, Volume 2 at frontierpress.org.

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