A busy weekend in Tulare

Tulare, Calif. corps dedicates Silvercrest Residence and corps hall.

Major Robert Lloyd, territorial property secretary, speaks at the dedication of the Tulare, Calif. Silvercrest Residence.

On a recent weekend, the Tulare Corps, Calif.— led by Captains David and Ruth Scott—dedicated both a new Silvercrest Residence for low-income seniors and the corps hall. The Silvercrest had been in planning for several years, and the advisory board never wavered in their determination to see the project come to fruition.

Together the Silvercrest Residence and Tulare Corps cover nearly a whole city block. Future plans include a Red Shield Center with a gym and an infant day care center for field workers. When this is completed, The Salvation Army’s facilities will occupy the entire block.

The Silvercrest dedication took place on Saturday. Majors Joe and Shawn Posillico, divisional leaders, and Majors Robert and Rhonda Lloyd from territorial headquarters participated. Instrumentalists from the corps and other Army musicians provided music for the dedication and offered a special presentation of the Sousa march “The Salvation Army.” Over 300 people attended the event, including city and county officials and many interested community residents. A reception followed the dedication.

The corps dedication took place on Sunday and included the enrollment of three junior soldiers and two senior soldiers. The Tulare Corps was officially opened as an outpost in 1991 and then a corps in 1994. However the corps had never been dedicated. The territorial staff in attendance for the Silvercrest also participated in this important event. The day ended with a dinner enjoyed by the visiting officers and the corps family.

It was truly a busy weekend!
From a report by
Captains David and Ruth Scott

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