60 report to Crestmont

Disciples of the Cross Session begin training.

By Brian Saunders, Major

The idyllic peace and quiet of a sunny summer’s day along the coast was shattered on Aug. 14 as 60 new cadets descended upon the campus of the College for Officer Training (CFOT). The Disciples of the Cross Session of cadets, along with their 33 children, arrived in cars, minivans, trucks and vans, bringing an end to the relative quiet of the summer at Crestmont.

“It’s hectic, but fantastic,” said Major Ivan Wild, director of personnel at CFOT. “We are thrilled to welcome the new session to the college.”

The 63 members of the Proclaimers of the Resurrection Session, who are starting their second and final year at the CFOT, welcomed the new cadets. The Proclaimers assembled teams to assist with unloading  cars and carrying boxes—a much needed helping hand in the heat of the day. “I saw cadets and officers working like ants—organized and working as a team—helping the first year cadets to unload their belongings and take them to their new quarters,” Cadet Claudia Pardo said.

Within hours, the new cadets were unpacking and settling into their new quarters. “From the moment I arrived on campus I felt at home,” Cadet Rebecca Lewis said.

Cadet Courtenay Covert describes her feelings upon arriving at Crestmont: “I felt a sense of peace that reassured me that I am where I am supposed to be. Even through all the apprehension and anxiety of change, God showered me with a sense of peace and purpose.”

The following day, the cadets donned their new uniforms and were officially welcomed to the college.

“God is doing some amazing things in the Western Territory,” Major Timothy Foley said at the welcome meeting. “Revival is coming—and it starts here. You have been chosen by God, and he is going to do amazing things through your ministry.”

The Disciples of the Cross are a diverse group. They represent 15 distinct ethnic groups, speak 10 languages, and range in age from 21 to 54. More than half of the session are first generation Salvationists, and nine have officer parents. One cadet is a seventh generation Salvationist.

The Disciples of the Cross now begin 22 months of intense training before being commissioned as officers in June 2014. The public welcome meeting for the session—with special guest General Shaw Clifton (Ret)—will be Sept. 15 at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts.

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