$6 Million for the World

“How we praise God for attaining the target of six million dollars established for World Services,” says Commissioner Peter H. Chang, territorial commander.

“This is the highest amount ever raised in the Western Territory. Hallelujah! We know that this has not happened without a lot of effort. Therefore, I would like to thank each soldier and officer who has exercised the spirit of Self-Denial for the sake of the needs of the world.

“I know many have given from the portion which they should be using for themselves at the corps and for local need. How much more it is valued then, because of such sacrificial giving. How pleased the Lord is with such giving. He is no one’s debtor and will richly bless all who have given so earnestly for the sake of the Kingdom.”


Generous and sacrificial giving from Salvationists and friends throughout the Territory has resulted in a record $6 million raised for World Services in 1996.

Alaska 119,171
Cascade 326,000
Del Oro 376,168
Hawaii/Pacific Islands 188,508
Golden State 578,062
Intermountain 397,670
Northwest 564,020
Sierra Del Mar 239,924
So. California 927,015
Southwest 659,780
CFOT 129,066
ARC 856,081
THQ 638,535
TOTAL 6,000,000
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