45 Seed Thoughts on Church Growth

The Body Builder

Captain Terry Camsey

Captain Terry Camsey – 

Loving churches grow, and growing churches love.

Mud sticks to porous walls.

You can’t steal a well-fed sheep!

Coals away from the fire die out.

If you think the problem is out there, that thought may be the problem. (Stephen R. Covey)

If the grass is greener in your neighbor’s yard, he probably is giving it more attention.

A desire to grow is implicit in every living organism.

The harder you work, the luckier you get.

If you don’t change your beliefs, your church will be like this forever. Is that good news?!

We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.

Nothing will ever be attempted if, first, all possible objections must be overcome. (Samuel Jackson)

Fear is the lack of faith.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

If purpose is not clear, one activity is as good as another.

Without a vision, the people are not restrained. (Proverbs)

Statistics are “course correction” tools.

Every effect is caused, even the one we don’t want!

You can’t recycle wasted time!

The future is purchased by the present.

God’s will is at the center of his creation.

People are motivated for their own reasons,
not those of others!

In the final analysis, people do what they want to do.

People prefer seeing sermons to hearing them.

Scratch where it itches. Needs, hurts, curiosities
and interests are “itches”!

“If I am lifted up, I will draw all men to him.” (Christ)

You rarely get a second chance to make

a first impression.

Communication requires both mutual presence

and mutual language.

100 percent of people who do not hear the

offer will not respond.

If you want someone to open the box voluntarily, make the wrapping attractive.

Growth of any structure is limited by the strength of its component materials and the method of assembly.

Nobody can see you winking in the dark!

Birds of a feather do flock together!

Evangelism is a process, not an event.

How we sow...what we sow…if we sow…will determine that harvest, if any!

There is no such thing as an “average citizen.”

There’s magic in knowing our “numbers.”

Networking works!

The real cost of the “big event” is after the “big event”!

You don’t have to brush all your teeth, only the ones you want to keep!

There is no right way to do a wrong thing.

The shepherd’s job is to teach the sheep about the birds and the bees!

Failure to hit the bull’s eye is not the fault of the target–the archer must improve his skills.

Burn up, not out!

Everyone has 20/20 hindsight!

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