2002 Service Corps teams announced

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An exciting summer of service and ministry is just around the corner! This June, 27 young adults will depart for an experience of a lifetime as they serve on the 2002 Summer Service Corps. They have been selected and placed on teams that will travel to the Pacific Islands, Marshall Islands, Malawi, Estonia and Mexico.

“The Western Territory has been sending Service Corps teams to locations throughout the world for more than 30 years. God has truly blessed this program and we are looking forward to another summer of incredible service and ministry,” said Kevin White, Service Corps coordinator.

Two teams are being mobilized to serve in the islands – one team to the Marshall Islands (Captain Charles Fowler) and another team to spend time in Pohnpei, Chuuk and Guam.

Aside from supporting those locations within our own territory, teams will be reuniting with Western Territory officers serving in other countries. After a successful experience last year, we are once again sending a team to the continent of Africa to assist Captains Edward and Deborah Horwood with their ministry in Malawi.

Venturing to Europe will be the Estonia team, meeting up with Majors Wesley and Ruth Sundin. Staying somewhat closer to home but traveling south to support Colonels Olin and Dianne Hogan will be the Mexico team. We would solicit your prayers for our Service Corps members as they minister this summer.

Pacific Islands

  • Brittney Hawk – leader
  • Ruth Bennett
  • Erin Dabis
  • Joy Lee
  • Janelle Wacker

Marshall Islands

  • Micah Raymond- leader
  • Luke Betti
  • Craig Bunch
  • Gwyneth Jones
  • Dishawna McCormies
  • Hilary Sholin


  • Amber Wheeler – leader
  • Shannon Hawkesworth
  • Jenny Mao
  • Luke Rocheleau
  • Clinton Trimmer


  • Joy Raven – leader
  • Michelle Baker
  • Matt Bingham
  • Amy Hudson
  • Terry Knickerbocker


  • Yvonne Yescas- leader
  • Heather Ames
  • Angela Flaherty
  • Jean Reed
  • Daniel Martinez
  • Jimmy Martinez
Guam Corps assists Yap, Chuuk typhoon victims

Guam Corps assists Yap, Chuuk typhoon victims

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“The night is over. The day has come!”

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