2000 Congress – Ignite in Flame

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“A pillar of fire to give them light…” Exodus 13:21

The International Millennial Congress office has recently announced plans for a special prayer campaign, “Igniting the Flame,” to prepare officers and soldiers around the world for the Congress, to be held in 2000. The campaign will be coordinated with the Army’s International Day of Prayer on May 23rd.

According to the Congress Executive Officer Colonel Raymond A. Cooper, “Igniting the Flame” will communicate the significance of prayer on the eve of a new century by inviting each Salvationist to write out personal prayers for the Army’s future ministry.”

Special prayer cards will be distributed by the Congress office through territorial and command Congress liaison officers to individual corps and units around the world for the program’s launching on Easter Sunday (April 4th). Every soldier, adherent, and friend will be invited to write a personal, but anonymous prayer for the Army’s future on their card and return it to their officer no later than May 6th. That will coincide with the convening of the High Council.

When pieced together for the International Day of Prayer on May 23rd, the assembled prayer cards will create a “Pillar of Flame” by which individual corps and units can visually affirm both the power of prayer and the Lord’s promise to lead those who will follow him. It is hoped that such displays will be constructed in every Army facility around the world.

After May 23rd, completed prayer cards will be sent back to the Congress liaison officers, who will in turn forward them to the Congress office. Subsequently, a giant “Pillar of Flame” display will be mounted in the Georgia World Congress Center for the Congress.

Igniting the Flame will also be a featured part of the Congress web site at: www.thearmynext.org Beginning on April 4th, visitors to the site will simply type their prayer on an individual tile, which will then be combined with all other submissions on a special page similar to the display being created in each corps building. Visitors will be able to read every posted prayer by enlarging individual tiles.

Salvationists are encouraged to participate in this special call to prayer as we consecrate ourselves and the Army to the Lord’s service in the 21st century.

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