Denver’s Front Range Band hits high note in Central

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The Denver-based Front Range Band, Bandmaster Stan Kelley, the Intermountain divisional band (Lt. Col. Harold Brodin, divisional commander), traveled through a heavy snowstorm to join Central Territory soldiers and friends in North Platte, Neb., for activities surrounding the dedication of their new building.

The band supported Central Territory leaders Commissioners Ken and Joy Baillie, the Western Division staff headed by Divisional Secretary Major Richard Vander Weele, and North Platte corps officers Captains Kris and Mary Ann Wood.

Soldiers and board members of the corps indicated there had not been a corps band, or even a visiting band, in North Platte in memory. The first event was the Saturday afternoon dedication service attended by over 200 soldiers, friends and community leaders.

That evening brought the Front Range Band’s solo concert. The band delivered a crisp rendition of Steven Bulla’s march, “Novarc,” followed by the national anthem. John Covert brought Bulla’s “Blessed Assurance,” (on cornet and flugelhorn) in convincing style. Other soloists included Darren Bowman on drum set in Barrie Gott’s rock-style version of “Daniel,” and Stephanie and Larry Sowter who brought a vocal duet of Sandi Patti’s, “More Than Wonderful.”

Comm. Joy Baillie brought the devotional, and bandmembers Kyle Reardon and Major Doug Tollerud gave testimonies. The band also performed Himes’ arrangement, “Procession to Covenant,” and the Ray Steadman-Allan arrangement, “I Vow to Thee My Country.”

The evening’s highlight was “The Finale to the William Tell Overture,” arranged by Dean Goffin, and the concert’s concluding item was Sousa’s, “Stars and Stripes Forever.”

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