Zambia needs our prayers

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Recent deaths affect ministry.

Two senior Salvation Army officers died within four days in the Zambia Territory, critically affecting the Army’s ministry in that country.

“Today we are having the funeral and burial of our territorial secretary for program, the husband of our women’s ministries secretary,” stated Major Beryl Pierce, a Western Territory officer serving as social and community development secretary in the Zambia Territory.

“Tomorrow begins our Women’s Ministries Centenary Celebration; we are expecting 2,000 women—100 will be coming from neighboring countries—along with the zonal secretary for women’s ministries from IHQ.

“We are all exhausted, as funerals here mean 24-hour vigils from the time the person dies until they are buried and, of course, this also means we are without one of our key players as she has lost her husband.”

Pierce notes the challenges of holding the gathering: Although they are meeting in a hotel and not in the bush, the hotel just provides the space; the women must prepare and cook all food outside on charcoal braziers; due to the large size of the group, beds are removed and the women sleep on the floors in the rooms.

Please keep our comrades in Zambia in prayer during these difficult times.

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